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Общественное обсуждение программы реформ для Беларуси. Прочитать подробнее о проекте «Народная Программа»

About People’s Programme

The People’s Programme is the initiative on devising a new positive vision of the future of Belarus by way of expert and broad public discussion of vital issues of the country’s development.

The People’s Programme experts (in total, about fifty specialists, including both practical experts and scientists) propose theses and counter-theses for problems in various areas – economy, politics, social security, medicine, agriculture, and even ways of life. The points raised are then discussed online by all interested citizens on PRAHRAMA.by. In addition, discussions take place during round-table conferences and public hearings.

As a result, a joint vision of changes and the concepts of solutions to problems have emerged as certain “road maps” of reforms that we need to build a better Belarus.

Over 2011-2012, the People’s Programme experts have developed 30 topics devoted to reforms in various areas. Some 1,500 internet users took part in their discussion on the project’s website. Moreover, 45 special round-table conferences were organised in Minsk and in the Belarusian regions in order to discuss specific modernisation proposals. They weren’t attended only by experts and practical persons from various areas, but also by the representatives of government agencies and by socially active citizens.

The theses of the future transformations are available for use by any political or civil force. This is especially important at the time of the election campaign when people want politicians to present some positive alternatives.